What is the Live Better Academy?

The Live Better Academy is a web-based financial education platform that gives people the opportunity to take control of their financial future. The Be Money Smart series was designed to transfer knowledge and practical tools to help people build their financial health and get the most out of the money they earn.

What is a Knowledge Level?

The knowledge level indicates the correctness of your answers to questions.

You are assigned a base knowledge level and a current knowledge level. The base knowledge level is a reflection of how much you knew when you started a module. There are base questions at the start of each module. Answering these questions gives you a knowledge level based on how many answers you got correct. As you progress and answer the post-module questions and re-engage on the platform, your knowledge level will be updated and becomes your current knowledge level.

Your overall course knowledge level is displayed on the points panel on the left-hand side of the screen. In this case, the user has an overall knowledge level of 2.

The platform works out how often you should repeat content based on your knowledge level. In other words, you set their own unique learning path based on how well you understand the content.

What is the benefit of increasing my Knowledge Level?

We don’t want you to complete the courses and then forget all the information again. We want you to master each module and course so that you can apply this knowledge to your life.

What happens if I skip the base knowledge questions?

When you start a new module, you can answer the base questions, or skip them and set your base knowledge at 0. A base level of 0 will make your learning path longer.

Can my Knowledge Level decrease?

Yes, this could happen. If you get a question wrong, your knowledge level won’t immediately decrease. The question will be repeated the next time you log in. If you get it wrong again, your knowledge level for that section of content will decrease.

How do I earn badges?

You can earn badges when you engage with the platform and master the content. All the available badges and their requirements are displayed in the Trophy Room. Simply click or hover over the badge.

Can I earn certificates?

Yes, when you finish a course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Once you achieve a knowledge level of 7 for a course, you will receive an additional certificate of mastery. Both certificates will be available to download in the Trophy Room.

How do I unlock a new trophy in the Trophy Room?

In the Trophy Room, you will see you have a trophy linked to your knowledge level across courses. To advance, you need to raise your Knowledge Level. To see the requirement for each trophy, hover your cursor over or tap on the levels in the Trophy Room.

What is the Leaderboard?

Throughout your learning journey, you’ll earn points that contribute to your position on the leaderboard (check out the Trophy Room for a list of ways to earn points). The leaderboard and points system is just a way to add a little bit of fun to your learning experience, and it gives you a chance to see where you’re at compared to other learners. Please note that leaderboard points are not redeemable and/or transferable for Capitec Rewards, and do not directly influence any LiveBetter Academy competitions. If you want more information on competition rules, terms and conditions, please go to the Competition Rules.

Where do I see my achievements?

Your level, badges and position on the leaderboard are displayed in the Trophy Room. You can also click on statistics in the drop-down menu to see your knowledge level for all courses and modules.

Why do I have outstanding questions whenever I log in?

These questions are presented to you based on content that you have not yet mastered. Answering these questions gives you a chance to improve your understanding and therefore increase your knowledge level.

What happens if I skip the outstanding questions?

Your knowledge level won’t improve. 

What is the Quiz Room?

You can visit the Quiz Room to practice questions from any course you have started. You will always have the option to recap the content as you work through the questions. Quiz Room questions won’t contribute to your knowledge level, but can increase your points. So, if you’re chasing a position on the leaderboard, this is a good place to improve your score.

Is the platform available offline?

The platform is not currently available offline. 

I don’t understand some of the content, where can I get help?

Get in touch with us at LBAsupport@capitecbank.co.za or click on the Submit Feedback option from the drop down menu. Select Content Support, type your question and submit.

I need technical support. Where can I get help?

Send us an email at LBAtechsupport@capitecbank.co.zaAlternatively, you can select the Submit Feedback option from the drop down menu on the Live Better Academy platform. Just select Technical Support, type your question and submit.

Can my family, friends or colleagues register for the series?

Yes, we encourage that. They can simply go to livebetteracademy.com and register. It’s free of charge!

Can I switch between my phone and my computer while learning?

Yes! Our system will remember exactly where you are, so you can pick up where you left off, no matter which device you last used.

What browser should I use to access the Live Better Academy?

You can use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not fully supported, so we don’t recommend using it.

What is meant by 'Data Free'?

The Live Better Academy is reverse billed, this means that if you are accessing the course using data on one of South Africa’s 4 major mobile networks (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C or Telkom), you won’t use any of your own data to complete the courses on the platform.

How do I navigate on the Live Better Academy platform?

Navigating on the platform is very straightforward. See the explanations of each part of the platform below:

  1. Dashboard – This tab will take you back to the dashboard (home) screen. This screen displays all the available courses and how far you’ve progressed on them.
  2. Quiz Room – Click on the Quiz Room to practice questions at any time.
  3. Recap – Click on the Recap tab to answer your available questions, based on your Knowledge Level. If this tab is greyed out, you are up to date on all your questions. If you’d like to answer more questions, click on the Quiz Room, or continue with any of your incomplete courses.
  4. Trophy Room – Click this tab to see your current level, badges and position on the leaderboard. Your certificates will also be available here once you have reached a knowledge level of 7 on a course.
  5. Drop-down menu – Clicking on your profile picture icon will open a drop-down menu. From here you can access:
    1. Continue learning – This takes you to the exact spot in the course and module you are currently busy with.
    2. Profile – This will allow you to edit your profile, including your profile picture, personal information and password.
    3. Statistics – This will show you your base and current knowledge level for all your courses. You can also see a breakdown of how many correct and incorrect answers you’ve had in each course and module. Both these graphs can be filtered according to a specific course and module.
    4. Information – This will show you the platform information and welcome message.
    5. Terms of use
    6. Privacy policy
    7. Sign out 
  6. Your courses – All your available courses will show here on your dashboard. Your progress for each course will be displayed on the course block. To begin a course, click anywhere on the course block.
  7. Points Panel – You can view your overall platform knowledge level as well as number of points on the Points Panel. You can collapse this panel at any time by clicking on the blue arrow.
  8. Course points – On the Points Panel, you can also see your knowledge level for each course. If you click on the course name, it’ll show you all the course modules, and your knowledge level for each module. Click on the module name to go to the module. If you’re in a module, you will also see a breakdown of your knowledge level for each key concept.